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The rarest mounts in WoW Classic, you may never see them

    By zzwowbest1

    At present, most players in WoW Classic have reached level 60, and the endgame contents in the game are no stranger to them. Now they are pursuing valuable collectibles: some players get more effective resources by completing various tasks, while others try to collect the rarest mounts in the game. You may not have seen all the precious mounts. Do n’t worry, keep reading this guide and you will have a basic understanding of the mount system.

    Swift Zulian Tiger
    Even in modern WoW, Swift Zulian Tiger is one of the rarest mounts, because since the Cataclysm expansion was released, players can no longer get it from the dungeon lord's loot. Later players can bid on the black market to obtain this fierce tiger mount.
    After the release of WoW Classic, players have a chance to realize their dreams. You need to form a team with like-minded players to Zul'Garab and kill the High Priest Thekal, then you have a 1% chance to find this treasure in the loot. Of course, because this is a team dungeon, there is no doubt that every member wants to get it, so you'd better prepare enough Classic WOW Gold for your teammates in advance, and expect them to assign the mount to you.
    This mount is the only cat-form mount that tribal factions can get. When you mount it and appear in the tribe ’s ranks, you will be eligible to become a leader.

    The Dreadsteed of Xoroth
    This is the most incredible epic mount in the game. You can clearly see that its eyes and four horseshoes have flames burning. In fact, it is indeed a demon from another planet.
    The Dreadsteed is a unique mount for the Warlock class, and players need to complete a fairly complex task chain to get it. In the process of completing the mission, players not only need to spend a lot of time traveling to various areas of the Azeroth continent to talk to the NPC, but also need to prepare enough WoW Classic Gold to buy the materials required for the mission at any time in the store and auction house. Fortunately, the 3 materials worth 250 gold required to summon the Dreadsteed are reusable. In other words, you can find the warlock player who has completed the task in the guild to help you achieve the summoning steps.
    It is worth noting that the final summoning ritual takes soul fragments to last longer. So you better kill a lot of monsters alone in the wild and accumulate enough soul fragments before going to the temple to open the taboo portal. Your effort is worth it, and you will get the coolest steed in WoW Classic. Don't worry, if you ever prefer a wide range of WOW Classic Gold to create it briefly time, it is possible to ask for help from MMOWTS.