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Nostalrius, the most successful WoW private server, announces shutdown

World of Warcraft has been running for more than ten years, and has released several major updates and extensions. More and more new content has made modern WoW a huge difference compared to the past. For some players, the new content is not always good, they prefer the vanilla World of Warcraft full of memories. Since Blizzard did not provide a dedicated old version server for these players, they had to go to a private server dedicated to the service to play games, the most famous of which is Nostalrius. But these servers are obviously not authorized by Blizzard, and they violate the terms and conditions of the game. To this end, Blizzard submitted a termination order to the owner of Nostalrius.

After receiving the notice, Nostalrius' team stated that they have always taken copyright issues seriously and agreed to shut down the private server immediately. But at the same time, they submitted an open letter to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime, hoping to cooperate with Blizzard's development team to provide the Cheap WOW Classic Gold official version of World of Warcraft, because there are still many players who need this service, but the developers of Blizzard did not provide the corresponding s solution. Of course, WOW Classic Gold is a currency that every player needs a lot of reserves, enough WOW Classic Gold allows you to buy cool mounts and armor, if you need it, then you can buy cheap WOW Classic Gold at ZZWOW.

The letter reads that their team consists of thirty volunteers who have been providing vanilla World of Warcraft services to users through an international legacy server over the years. In just one year, they have 800,000 registered accounts and 150,000 active players. For them, this is an amazing achievement, which also shows from the side that once the official WoW Classic is provided by Blizzard How popular. But they have never considered Blizzard as a competitor. They just want to provide more horizontal options for those players who need nostalgia, so that they can enjoy the most original version of World of Warcraft. These players are loyal fans of Blizzard.

Nostalrius said: "We don't have the pretention to come up with a complete solution regarding legacy servers that you and your company didn't already think about, but we'd be glad and honored to share it with you if you're interested, still on a volunteer basis.

"Do you think that a policy change can be made Vanilla WOW Gold regarding legacy servers based on volunteers work, for very old no longer supported game expansion?"

Blizzard gave their attitude to the problem. Official employees said that the operation of these private servers seriously affected Blizzard's interests and copyright, which is intolerable.