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WOW special things: Ny’alotha awaits



World of Warcraft 8.3 patch, Visions of N'Zoth, here, welcome players to the updated World of Warcraft, there are many unique details and features waiting for you. This week marks the release of Ny'alotha, the City of Awakening, the next large team raid instance of World of Warcraft; the release of Myth + Dungeon and PvP Season 4; the start of fabulous operations; Mechagon Dungeon; and the heroic Dark Shore The initiation of the war front is a reason that players can't resist.

This week, players will focus on raid and dungeon exploration based on the previous mission. This guide covers the week of January 21-28 (22-29 on the EU server), so here is everything you need to know about how to perform well in Azeroth.

Ready for raid
This week's Ny 'alotha challenge will be divided into 2 difficulties, namely normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty. These difficult challenges allow players from different servers to group together to challenge, so if your guild is not attacked, players can initiate a request to form a team on their profile page. The instance entrance is located at the western end of the Eternal Flower Valley in Pandaria.
Starting this week, there will be five full reward rolls available for the new team, plus two new characters that will be available on weekly resets. Use the first five hearths at rest, then buy another two in Ny’alotha raid gear to get 7 additional opportunities and possibly WOW Classic Gold.
More about Ny 'alotha, myth and Raid's adventure journey begins next week. Players should aim to learn as much information as possible in order to prepare for the game so that they can better find the game materials and equipment.

New dungeon unveiled
Two new dungeons of different difficulty levels will start running this week: Mechagon Junkyard (outside area) and Workshop (inside area) are now officially available in Mythic plus. Many bosses have been weakened because of this, so players can defeat bosses more easily than before.

Hard mode is not available in Mythic plus, but it is still available in normal Mythic plus.