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BCS | Decentralized BlockChain Copyright Service : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

BCS | Decentralized BlockChain Copyright Service

    By 0x
    BCS | Decentralized BlockChain Copyright Service

    BCS | BlockChain Copyright Service 
    Publish your works (Of documents) in BlockChain
    BlockChain-Bulletin of published works (Of documents)
    Protect your work!


    Copyright services to save small works in blockchain. You created a logo, a picture, wrote a story, a script, made a successful photo and much more. Save them in blockchain to confirm the authorship. No servers. We do not store your works: Only blockchain! Your work will forever remain in the blockchain! Protect your work. It's easy.

    How it works? Manual.

    1. Open the page in a new window (tab): "My work". Fill out the forms. 
    Use optimized images and texts weighing up to ~ 20kb. Encode images in Base64.
    Quality and size do not matter. Use the Content Editor if necessary.
    Enter the text of your document in the section of the table with the text: "Your document" (instead of this text).
    Work (White paper) 0x.........................XXX (your Ethereum Adress).
    Fully save the web page. Optimize (Notepad++). And convert code the page to "Base64".
    Use the "Base64 Online Converter" service or other similar services.
    Before the resulting code, paste: "data:text/html;base64," (data:text/html;base64,you code ...)
    Paste the resulting code into Google Chrome's browser line and you see the web page with your document (idea).

    2. Publication of code the received page with your document in the Blockchain of the Ethereum network.
    Use the video guide: Youtube-1 and Youtube-2.
    Your document is published!

    For the publication of documents, we use the properties of the ZXBT (ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt) token.
    The maximum amount of published information ~ 30kb. A file with a large weight may not fit in the blockchain.
    If the volume of your document exceeds this value, make an additional publication:
    Work (White paper) 0х.........................XXX /2 (your Ethereum Adress/2).
    If necessary, divide your work into 2-3 or more parts.
    If the volume of your document significantly exceeds this value, make a hash of your document and publish it in the blockchain.
    But remember: you must store the original of the published document in the same form (unchanged !!!) in a reliable storage.
    If you want to keep your idea in secret, but at the same time want to confirm the authorship, use the "WebCrypt" service or similar services.

    BlockChain-Bulletin | Ethereum Address of the publication of projects (ideas) «B©S».

    To use this service, you only need one «ZXBT» token on your Ethereum address.

    dBCS | Decentralized BlockChain Copyright Service

    If your site is gone ..........?

    ✔ Your work is now permanently in blockchain.
    ✔ Go to our backup site, which can not be closed and changed.
    It will always be open in your browser.
    He does not need hosting.

    dBCS | Decentralized BlockChain Copyright Service




    Test with ZXBT token Rinkeby testnet.

    For the test, at your request, tokens will be credited to your Ethereum address.




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