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Rice grader machine is designed for classifying the rice

Rice grader machine is designed for classifying the rice

rice grader machine is designed for classifying the rice into several levels, which is an essential attachment equipment in rice processing factory. Its technological process is much longer. This milled rice grader adopts three layers screen deck to divide four grades: super rice, normal rice, big broken rice and small broken rice, which can be also used in separating other grain stuff.

Propose machine algorithm to grade (Premium, Grade A, Grade B and Grade C) the rice kernels using Multi-Class SVM. Maximum Variance method was applied to extract the rice kernels from background, then, after the chalk has been extracted from rice. The percentage of Head rice, broken rice and Brewers in rice samples were determined using ten geometric features. Multi-Class SVM classified the rice kernel by examining the Shape, Chalkiness and Percentage of Broken (Head Rice, Broken and Brewers) kernels. The SVM classify accurately more than 86 %.Based on the results, it was concluded that the system was enough to use for classifying and grading the different varieties of rice grains based on their interior and exterior quality.

rice whitener machine have been developed for heavy duty rough cleaning of oil seed and other products as grain and maize. The cylindrical screens are separating coarse impurities and foreign materials like stones, large straw, maize cobs etc. Capacity up to 500 t/h. This rice whitener machine in heavy duty execution is strongest machine in terms of hourly capacity. It finds application in areas with an outstanding troughput, like port silos, mixed feed plants or breweries. Wherever a rough precleaning at highest capacities is requested.

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