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Non-availability of appropriate paddy cleaner at reasonable price

    By ricepolisher
    Non-availability of appropriate paddy cleaner at reasonable price

    Cleaning of paddy is required, non-availability of appropriate paddy cleaner at reasonable price is one of the major constraints for initiating small/medium scale manufacture of paddy cleaning machine. Therefore, this working is undertaken to develop an efficient low cost paddy cleaner in view of improving the quality paddy cleaning using conventional methods. To check the performance of the paddy cleaner, a total volume of 1.15kg of uncleaned paddy consisting of 1kg of paddy, 0.05kg of dust and 0.1kg of sand was fed into the hopper. After the cleaning process, the output obtained was 1.022kg of cleaned paddy with 0.994kg of paddy, 0.021kg of dust and 0.006kg of sand. Hence the performance of this machine is very efficient where most of the paddy produced is cleaned.

     It is the sieving/sorting method which is one of the easiest cleaning principles so far. Substances that are smaller or larger than wheat are sortd by revolving, shaking and reciprocating motions. In this stage, machinery such as drum filters and waste purifiers are used.

    The machine consists majorly of two stages: dehulling and sieving. The dehuller consists of rotary cylindrical sieve which separates the chaff from the rice grains via the shaft and blade. Impact method was adopted for the removal of husk from the rice paddy. After milling the paddy rice, it passes through a vibrating sieve machine where a crank mechanism converts rotary motion into a reciprocating movement of the sieve bed. The vibrating sieve removes the chaffs and the pebbles from the rice grains. The performance tests conducted on the machine showed that the dehuller effectiveness reduced with increase in number of paddy rice fed into it, while the sieve shaker optimum yield occurs at a maximum stroke of 40. It was discovered that a minimum output shaft speed of 900 rpm transmitted by a v-belt drove by an electric motor of 3.5 hp which is required for the effective performance of the vibrating sieve.

    The small-capacitv rice destoner, which cleans by means of a straw walker, sieve, and special aspirator fan, uses a radial rubber rub bar against a rubber mat for hard-to-thresh forage plants. The plans are available from the Engineering Research Service of Agriculture Canada, but only on microfilm.

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