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Paddy cleaner is designed to separate impurities

Paddy cleaner is designed to separate impurities

paddy cleaner is designed to separate impurities like straw, dust, lighter particles, stones from paddy/rice, so the next machines will work more efficiently when paddy is cleaned in paddy cleaners. Different sieves can separate large, small and light impurities from wheat, paddy, corn and oil bearing materials. They are used for sieving paddy and other grains to make them free of dust, small stones, paddy hulls and short straws (remove both big & small impurities from the raw grain). The cleaners are manufactured with single blower or double blower with double deck, having capacity to clean 1 Ton to 12 Ton of paddy per hour. Cleaners are also manufactured in special version for parboiling units with one blower and one aspiration box, which cleans the paddy up to 99%.

Drying is one of the stage in rice milling. Paddy rice mois-ture content depends on harvesting method. Initially paddy rice has high moisture content and it is reduced in drying. The rice kernel must be harder when dried at high temperature and low moisture gradient conditions. So the head rice yield is maximum at high drying temperature and low moisture content. Drying duration and moisture content gradient has high impact on head rice yield. If drying duration is high the head rice yield (HRY) is low. The drying rate constant is directly related with the head rice yield reduction and the head rice yield reduction is increased with drying duration at given drying rate constant. Effect of drying and tempering treatments affects head rice yield and rice kernel fissuring.

The paddy cleaner machine is designed with a purpose of cleaning stones, impurities like straw etc. These are perfectly cleaned on the principle of gravity. The paddy is made to float on screen by a double blower arrangement. The air can be controlled with the help of separate shutter provided on the frame and blowers. Paddy cleaner machine is also applied to other grains such as corn, wheat and so on. After turning on the power supply, containing impurities after the first layer, the second floor, the third layer sieve, crushed corn cob of corn, dander, leaf, flat bread, moldy corn, pebbles, dust and other impurities from different impurity to expel, clean corn from screening machine discharging mouth.

With the introduction of L- shaped metal arm, it was observed that the rice destoner was able to give a destoning efficiency of 40.8 % higher than that of the existing machine. However, in contrast to this, Bolaji and Agidi et al. reported higher destoning efficiency with lower machine capacity of rice destoner in their respective designs. It may be noted that this difference in efficiencies might be due to the differences in angle of inclination and the diameter of feed regulator opening of the machines.

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