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A good way to learn the violin

    By Marthamrth

    Learning violin, posture, music theory, genealogy, etc. are not the most important. The most important thing is your sense of music. Practice tuning is a good way to train music. If you have difficulty adjusting the piano, then you should not Worry. If you learn the violin, you should first practice the music and then you will not be able to hear it. It is very difficult to learn from the music of the violin. Of course, it is difficult to learn and it is difficult To adhere to. However, the ability of music sense, or the so-called "talent", the teacher can not give you (the majority of teachers now will teach you the violin, instead of cultivating your sense of music, they will teach You a lot of postures, hand types, scores , music theory, etc., these little help to the development of music sense), you need to slowly develop yourself in the process of happy feeling of music. Music equipment is not the best method,singing, listening to music, and practicing tuning are all good methods.

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