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Runescape: Extension Menaphos converts MMORPG twice 2

    By Yucca195

    The gates to Menaphos were opened by Jagex. Menaphos is a city that recalls Egypt and has been in the RS Mobile Gold for 12 years. Fans have long wondered what secrets are hidden behind the doors of the city. Although Menaphos has been in Runescape for ages, players have had to stay out of it.

    Whoever walks through the great gates will find a city bathed everywhere in golden light. There are pyramids, Egyptian gods, hanging gardens, palm trees and camels. Players come as outsiders in the city. Guards block the way and you have to earn the confidence of the residents to explore the city to the smallest detail. Those who embark on the OSRS Mobile Gold adventure will discover the secrets of the city and find their hidden treasures.

    Menaphos becomes part of Runescape's desert saga and has an Egyptian theme. A huge pyramid looks over the metropolis.