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China's Prefabricated Construction Industry Needs National Policy Support

China's Prefabricated Construction Industry Needs National Policy Support

Prefabricated homes china suddenly stagnated in the late 1980s and quickly died out. PC technology rose again in our country after more than 30 years of silence. This is an encouraging and expected event. After a 30 - year hiatus, both technology and personnel are very scarce, and it is impossible to fundamentally solve software problems such as personnel, technology, management and engineering experience in a short period of time.

In terms of market share, China's fabricated construction market is still in the primary stage. All parts of the country are basically concentrated in the residential industrialization field, especially in the narrow area of affordable housing. The previous investment is large, the production scale is small, and it cannot compete with the traditional cast-in-situ structure market in the short term.

However, as the country and the industry have successively issued relevant development goals, guidelines and policies, and in the face of the urgent need for transformation and upgrading to the modernization of the construction industry in all parts of the country, more than 20 provinces and cities in all parts of China have successively issued policies to support the development of the relevant construction industry, promoting the construction of industrialization bases and pilot demonstration projects. I believe that with the improvement of technology and management level, prefabricated buildings will have a broad market and space.

At present, cities with better development of fabricated buildings in China are introduced as follows:

Shenyang: The standard is complete, the imported technology is rigorous, there are many structural types and varieties, and the automation degree of components factory equipment is high. Nine provincial and municipal local technical standards, including the " Regulations for the Manufacture and Acceptance of Precast Concrete Components", have been completed.

Beijing and Shanghai: The government has issued supporting preferential policies to ensure that the standard supporting facilities are basically complete and the technology of partially assembled shear wall structures is mature. Beijing has issued 11 standards and technical management documents for the design and quality acceptance of industrialized residential buildings with concrete structures. Shanghai has issued five local standards and is preparing four technical management documents.

Shenzhen: The work was carried out earlier, with a large area and high component quality. Eleven standards and specifications such as module coordination for industrialized houses have been compiled.

Jiangsu: The variety of structural system is complete, and the industrialization of parts is carried out at the same time.

Hefei: Recently, the government has given greater impetus.

After being silent for more than 30 years, it has risen again in our country and is still in the primary stage. Major national, industrial and local standards and norms have been basically completed and promulgated for implementation. Meeting the needs of modernization, transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

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