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You'll require the shiny stuff in Runescape

Varrock armour now raises the chance for double bars when smelting, for double ore when mining and also for dual improvement when smithing. Higher levels of this armour operate on higher degree metals.New varrock armour increases the effectiveness of varrock armour, and allows RuneScape gold mining and smithing benefits to work without wearing the armour.

Luck enhancers (ring of riches ( etc) now raise the opportunity for geodes to update to metamorphic geodes. Quarrymaster aura now increases the chance to seriously swing when mining.Resourceful air now raises the opportunity to find geodes when mining and increases the opportunity to acquire double ore when mining sandstone.

Divine place rocks have had their divination conditions trimmed to match with the new mining requirements. Divine luminite was added, but higher grade divine locations have not been added at the moment.Strong smelting urns only work up to par 70. A brand new decorated smelting urn was added which works up to 99.

Perfect juju smithing potions increase the opportunity for double improvement when smithing.Two new things, iron ingots and steel ingots are added. All these are created at the furnace and also are used in place of platebodies when creating iron and steel titan summoning pouches.

The mining accumulator now gains charge whenever the participant gets a crucial swing when mining.When mining, crystallise now only operates on core mining rocks. It prevents ore out of dropping, and provides 20% extra mining XP provided that the participant is not AFK.

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