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Madden NFL 16 is maneuvering to EA Access on February 2

    By smrtsmith525


    EA has announced that your brand new game being included into their EA Access subscription service on Xbox One on February 2: Madden NFL 16. Please, control yourself. No need to get that excited.
    In his review, Steven wasn’t entirely in awe than it. While it apparently makes some much-needed improvements inside previous Madden NFL Overdrive Coins games, it’s being affected by slow menus, lengthy loading time plus a lot of microtransactions.
    The addition of Madden 16 shows that one fifth of all with the games on EA Access are American football (three from 15), plus considerably more than half inside titles available are sports games (eight beyond 15). Sports games have massive examples of more casual players, therefore it’s pretty obvious who the target audience for EA Access is. Still, that’s not absolutely a bad thing.
    For $5 four weeks, that’s many American football. And by it, many big, burly, American football players all climbing over each other in tight clothes… trying desperately to seize the ball and score… then heading off to the locker room to…