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Path of Exile: The Exiled Tribune - Catching Up with GGG

    By Yucca195

    It's been awhile since we last checked in within the Path of Exile team to determine what they've been around recently and that we're not disappointed. Content update 3.5.0 is on its way with many different info bound to Buy POE Currency be coming along soon. And why don't you consider those FFA boss fights? See what else is completely!

    That's right. If there's something that GGG is reliable to complete, it's to keep adding content to Path of Exile. Expansions emerge at a regular cadence filled with fun new adventures for players. This year is not any exception! With Delve at its halfway mark, along with players still continuing their journey underground, GGG is planning another League, v3.5.0.

    The plan should be to reveal more about another expansion around three weeks in front of launch that may be already planned with the POE Chaos Orb first week of December. As usual, there will probably be a big hoopla noisy . November with the information you'll need to obtain started as soon since the expansion hits.