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SWTOR: Jealous companions

    By Yucca195

    That companions in Fallen Empire play a bigger role has been clear since E3. But what we did not know so far is that they are also allergic to alienating. For example, if you drive "double-tracked", your partners will get along with SWTOR Credits you and may part with you.

    However, there will be no stories specifically tailored to the classes, so for all the characters KotFE opens up only an epic story. Also on the subject of additional content Lady Insanity to report. Although there will be no new operations for the add-on launch, other content is planned for this. But that's not what Bioware wanted to reveal.

    Knights of the Fallen Empire will be released on October 27, 2015, and early access will start one week earlier. On the other hand, patch 3.3 should be uploaded to Buy SWTOR Credits the servers on Tuesday of next week. You can find the original report about the Togrutas in the official SWTOR-Forum, more about the game you can find on our SWTOR-Themenseite.