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What expansion will "World of Warcraft Classic" find yourself?

    By AmyStephen

    "World of Warcraft Classic" is simply few months old, and another of the biggest problems after its release is exactly what happens when Blizzard completes its six-part update plan, including new raids and dungeons and PVP features. Once we raided the hall of Naxxramas, will Classic see more updates or Blizzard will get out in place, our hero is going to keep level 60 forever?

    As our nostalgic goggles are fresh and clean, we gather to go over this real question: Should WOW Classic Gold keep add new extensions? If so, what sort of expansion should it finish up with? (Or it needs to move on until it catches on top of modern World of Warcraft, Blizzard has two identical MMOs?)

    We should also hear your ideas, so please skip on the comments and signify if Classic should eventually include older extensions, and if so, which extensions.

    Steven: I think I may be the only person who thinks the classic should stop where it started before any expansion sets out to fundamentally change Warcraft, bad or good. Of course consequently by buy, the classic players will probably be doing nothing, but I think this can be a point. I don't think Buy WOW Classic Gold is usually a permanent version of World of Warcraft and will be constantly updated such as the main game. When will Blizzard run two separate MMO games? When does Classic it is known as to exit a unique extension preventing all updates?

    Everyone has their preferred extension, if they elect to cut things inside a burning expedition or farther away, Blizzard can never please anyone. Instead, I think the classics should remain since they are: a "World of Warcraft" snapshot of nostalgia before nostalgia. If the player sees everything worth seeing at this time pick up, I think it does not matter. For me, the classic is exciting since it provides a temporary glimpse of the last. Visiting days gone by is fun, but I do not want to stay there forever.



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