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Path of Exile Legion turns the meta the other way up


- patch notes to your new league

Even before the launch on the new league in Path of Exile you may take a look at the detailed changes for the action RPG by GGG. We present you the highlights with the patch notes.

After players weren't really happy with the Complex Synthesis League in Buy POE Currency Legion is currently turning to simpler mechanics: In the Path of Exile areas from the League, we encounter obelisks caught in eternal combat for people Reveal legions. We can then "free" them within the desired amount and defeat them.
When the New League Starts: You can create and begin a new character for Legion from 7 June at 10 pm.

Path of Exile turns into a feast for melee with Legion

Especially great focus has placed the developers with Legion within the melee. The neglected form of play should experience a revival to Path of Exile Currency make much more fun again. Melee attacks now always hit multiple enemies, the plethora of many melee skills is greater and it is possible to abort animations. Overall, all melee elements experienced a buff. Especially the cyclone-like melee skill Cyclone is now offering an immense range and is particularly considered a channeling ability, so you are able to use corresponding support gems.