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What Are The Factors Leading to The Failure of Heavy Roller Chain

What Are The Factors Leading to The Failure of Heavy Roller Chain

The function of the heavy Roller chain(GETECHAIN) is known to many people as a transmission function, but the chain often fails, so what are the factors that cause the failure of a heavy roller chain?

1. The chain is tired and invalid

Assuming that the lubrication conditions are relatively good, but also a relatively wear-resistant heavy roller chain is basically due to fatigue damage when it fails. Due to the tight and loose edges of heavy roller chains, the load borne by these parts will also change. When the chain rotates, it will stretch or bend due to stress. Due to various external forces, cracks will slowly appear on various parts of the heavy roller chain. The cracks will slowly grow larger and fatigue and fracture may occur over time. Therefore, when consuming heavy roller chains, various measures will be taken to improve the strength of the parts. In other words, chemical heat treatment is applied to make the parts appear carburized, and shot peening is also used.

2. The cohesion strength is damaged

When the heavy roller chain is used, due to the load, the joint between the outer chain plate and the pin shaft, as well as the inner chain plate and the sleeve, may loose during use, causing the eyelets of the chainplate to wear out, and the length of the heavy roller chain will increase, presenting failure. Since the chainplate will fall off when the riveted center of the pin shaft head of the chain is loosened, and the chain-link may fall apart when the center of the pin is sheared, the heavy roller chain will eventually fail.

3. The chain will fail due to wear in use.

Assuming that the heavy roller chain materials used are not very good, the chain will often fail due to wear. The length of the chain will increase after it is worn out, and it is likely that there will be teeth jumping or chain dropping when in use. The wear of the chain is usually in the center of the outer link. If the pin shaft and the inside of the sleeve show wear, the gap between the hinges will increase and the length of the outer joint will also increase. The distance between the inner links is usually affected by the bus bars on the same side between the rollers. As it is not normally worn, the length of the inner links is not normally increased. If the length of the heavy roller chain is increased to a certain range, it may be broken, so its wear resistance is very important when consuming chains.

In addition, the performance of the heavy roller chain will be affected by gluing, static tension breaking, frequent starting, braking and other actions in the application process, which may lead to failure of the heavy roller chain.

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