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I am very happy to see North American customers that enjoy'Maple Story'

I am very happy to see North American customers that enjoy'Maple Story'

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'Maple Story' North American version Buy MS2 Mesos started with the institution of a US company. At this time in the USA, such as the"Maple Story," the grade of the game was not a fantastic area of the game concept itself, therefore I managed to get settled early. The update was relatively quick in comparison to'Everquest' and'World of Warcraft' which inhabited the marketplace at the time, and it was able to attract users effectively.

Nexon America also built a dedicated development group in the United States for quick updates. Because of this, married content has been developed in the united states and employed to Korea.

Nexon America didn't only localize the terminology, but also put a lot of work into locally-specific content and events. Local people accumulated thanks to the gathering of turkey legs and St. Patrick's Day Thanksgiving Day. Notably,'Black Friday' from the game that was held in November 2006 was the event of so-called'big hit'.

Nexon's live functioning capability, which has been supplying longevity titles for many years, has played a significant role. MapleStory's international brand power has been expanded because of communicating with users through various content upgrades and online and off - line events.

'Maple Story','Maple Story 2','Maple Story M' Korea Development team appreciated all of the 550 lovers and'Maple Story' was celebrating the 13th anniversary of Global Service. In order to return to the fans who've been steadfastly loving, I announced various information events such as the question and answer of the development group, the costume drama, as well as the quiz series.

This event, which was broadcasted online via Twitch, announced the introduction of'Maple Story 2' content and introduced the program of closed pilot test beginning from May 9, and announced global launch. He also got a warm welcome by customers who have been awaiting for Maplestory 2 global service for quite a while and announced the international service plan of MapleStory M, a mobile game that has completed global trial testing in January.

On the flip side, in the outdoor Maplestory 2 Mesos terrace of the event place, a booth selling'Maple Story' Goods, that was created by four artists chosen in Korea, was worked. 'Pink Blank Wool Doll',''Pink Bean Mug',''Kinesis''And so on. "I am very happy to see North American customers that enjoy'Maple Story' and it is meaningful," said Bae Jung Il, Director of Maple Story, that attended the event. "Together with the new maple story IP names, I would like to request your attention because I will be supplying services"