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2019 Air Jordan 1 Yellow Toe is Coming Soon

2019 Air Jordan 1 Yellow Toe is Coming Soon

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Along with the previous time, Air Jordan 1 launched a variety of new color schemes, Jordan once again released a big move, online multiple shoes account to release the black and yellow toe Air Jordan 1 Yellow Toe physical map. In the color design, it is the same as last year's black toe members. The texture of the lychee leather upper is combined with the popular black and yellow theme. It is estimated that this pair of shoes will be released for a while. The appearance of the black and yellow toe Air Jordan 1 brings new choices to friends who like to wear. The black and yellow contrast effect is vivid on these shoes, and the eye-catching appearance is also very suitable for the upcoming summer. The yellow upper with a black toe is reminiscent of the new Air Jordan 1 Mid that has taken off. The similar tonal design gives this pair of shoes a lot of potential.

Nike Kyrie 5, the Boston Celtics star, Kerry Owen's latest signature boot, has been loved by many sneaker players since its launch. Whether it is the actual combat party or the street party, they are convinced by the fine workmanship and excellent cost performance of these shoes. Earlier today, Nike officially released a new official photo of the joint color, Xiao Bian guaranteed that this color will definitely make you shine! In addition to the old texture created by the large area of ​​beige, the most eye-catching is the signature “Moldy” design of the Boston brand Bandulu. The colorful "mold spots" definitely make you an eyeball harvester on the street. In addition, under the logo at the tongue and at the heel, the Bandulu Logo is also added to highlight the distinguished status of the joint name. The names of "Kyrie" and "Irving" were also embroidered on the pitcher's pitches, which made people shine. The lining of matcha green dress is also very suitable for the vitality of spring and summer, whether it is playing or pressing the road is a good choice.

The Air Jordan 3M Reflective Series attracts a large number of sneakers with its unique and unique materials. In the early morning of this morning, the raid on the overseas official website, people can not help but expect, will the domestic sale date be advanced? This series includes the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7, Air Jordan 8 three pairs of flying people's first three consecutive championships. The shoes are made of all 3M reflective materials. Under normal light, they show a metallic gray color, and in the darkness, they will have dazzling visual effects, and the effect of the upper foot will undoubtedly attract the power!