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How to get more exalted orbs in POE?
On August 22nd, the National Service Path of Exile updated version 3.8. In this guide, I will show you how to farm Exalted Orbs. The same version of the service and international service, the version update is one step later than other servers. I personally started thinking about Tencent for Path of Exile when the national service has not been tested. The grasp of the direction of profitability also takes into account that it may be transformed into another ancient century. Surprisingly, the game does not affect the normal experience of the game. If you eliminate Tencent's little fighter server, Path of Exile is now available. It is a game that is more intimate to players.

I haven't started the national service yet. I am busy looking for a house recently, but I also observed the market through my friend's account. It is still very consistent with the price increase I think, but now the equipment is expensive. It’s really not a big problem. Before I started the test, I also wrote a lot of handwriting about the 3.0 poor BD. It’s not that I rely heavily on equipment. At 3.0, I personally think that focusing on the main/auxiliary skills can greatly improve the stone. Our output and survival.

In the process of land reclamation, the recommended skills for newcomers are The Soul, Ice from Above, Great Earthquake, Dark Contract, Blade, Blade, Wild, Ghost, Fire Totem, Totem Grandpa.

There is also no recommendation for newcomers to consider their own equipment. Before T7, you will use Exalted Orb, armor, color change, punching, and link. It is best to use 6L without a master because the face is not very dark. The left and right link stones can be 6L equipment. In the early stage, the lack of identification volume can be considered to sell Blacksmith's Whetstone. Look for holes in the equipment. Don't just look at the attributes. Legendary equipment newcomers try to stay with staff, daggers, belts, shoes, necklaces, rings. The rest of the market can be directly stored in the market.

Talent, I remember that I have said that I have the best point to survive in the early stage. I personally feel that it is okay to survive properly, but what you need to quickly brush the plot is a simple pile of corpses, which is upgraded one level before each BOSS. Either don't blame at all, paying particular attention to the Lord of God in the third act of the tower of theocracy. The national service recently has a 40-level washing activity. If you want to be fast, then you can output the full speed. You can wash it by 40. If you choose your favorite BD, you can practice it slowly.

There is nothing to say about choosing BD, but it is only necessary to look at the key equipment. Choosing a BD with a key equipment price is not very high, which will make our progress easier.


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