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    • greenycao
      New MapleStory 2 previews the Maple Arena along with Skybound Expansion contentTomorrow, the primary phase of Maplestory M Mesos ’s Skybound Expansion is going to take flight, bringing along with it a slew of the latest content. In preparation...
      • greenycao
        The Star Wars extended universe was ripe for MMO-ification
        Maplestory M
        • greenycao
          greenycao published a blog post How to Unlock Blue Mage in FFXIV
          Lastly, the Blue Mage job is merely the second new position class being added post-launch and not with a fresh expansion. The other being, certainly, Rogue and it is job Ninja. Given how unique the course is, it’s not surprising that players...
          • greenycao
            greenycao published a blog post Final Fantasy XIV
            Final Fantasy XIV handles a tale campaign much better than most MMOs that have already been released as of yet. It's the full-on JRPG packed with a great deal of nail- biting cutscenes, the majority of which require some type of emotional investment...
            • greenycao
              greenycao published a blog post Blue Mage abilities
              1,000 needles. In some cases, we entered dungeons together. Some Blue Mage abilities is only able to be obtain in dungeons, this means making a premade group and delving deep into risky instances. Because your repertoire is restricted to what...

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