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    • zzwowbest1
      Recently, Blizzard banned Nostalrius, the largest World of Warcraft private server, and stated that they might provide players with the official vanilla World of Warcraft in the future. Earlier this month, Nostalrius, the most successful World of...
      • zzwowbest1
        World of Warcraft players in Asia will be the first beneficiaries of the micro-transaction system, and they can now spend money to purchase progress-boosting buffs in the game. However, it is currently unclear how the opening of the...
        • zzwowbest1
          World of Warcraft has been running for more than ten years, and has released several major updates and extensions. More and more new content has made modern WoW a huge difference compared to the past. For some players, the new content is not always...
          • zzwowbest1
            zzwowbest1 published a blog post World of Warcraft plots are getting weird
            The Warlords of Draenor can be called the most unsuccessful extension published by World of Warcraft, and players have never stopped discussing it because they think it could have been better. Many new features make players complain: The first is...
            • zzwowbest1
              In WoW Classic, recipes play a very important role. Its main function is simple. As long as you have collected all the raw materials required for this recipe, you can make specific items according to the recipe. The ingredients for making food are...
              • zzwowbest1
                In the creation of Azeroth, with the core Azeroth system, Blizzard also introduced two new large-scale events: Darkshore Warfront and Island Expeditions, which are expected to attract a person's eye of some players. The developers attemptedto...
                • zzwowbest1
                  World of Warcraft has changed greatly in the past 15 years, and it has basically developed into a game completely different from Vanilla World of Warcraft. In the updates and expansions released over the years, Blizzard has added a lot of useful...
                  • zzwowbest1
                    In the last article, we introduced two new ally races which is to be introduced next update. In fact, the roll-out of the 8.3 update patch in Blizzard also involved improvements for that auction house. Game director Ion Hazzikostas said the modern...

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