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    • Rskingdom

      Serie A seems to be the home of FIFA Mobile Coins

      Serie A seems to be the home of FIFA Mobile Coins goalkeepers that are great, even if they're not always Italian. Alban Lafont is a young French keeper who is also worth £10.6m with the same 89 potential as Meret, but with a current overall of 77 -- 2 points higher. He's got six stats north ...

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      • Rskingdom

        Easily the participant FIFA Coins on the listing

        Easily the participant FIFA Coins on the listing, Trent shines with a 78 total and 88 . He's a ball expert together with his Crosser attribute, he'll overlap each the opportunity to put balls into the box. He is the priciest at £12.3m, though paying that price must be a no brainer. These FI...

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        • Sletrry

          The Way to Win FIFA Mobile Champions

          We're getting into a few of the bigger names. One of the cheaper options in this bracket, Tonali is 18 and 67 but has a 88 potential. He will cost around £1.4 million, which is a bargain price considering he's already got both 72 short and long departure, 71 ball strength and control, and 73 equi...

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