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      The range of rice polisher takes a more innovative approach

      The range of rice polisher takes a more innovative approach. Patented screen design based on years of research, gives an excellent and efficient polishing performance, even at high capacity. While these innovations are a step change in rice polishing, measuring the reflective quality of the ric...

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      • lianggong

        Vertical Negative Pressure Water Mill Rice Polisher Machine

        The utility model patent is a novel rice deep processing equipment which does not need any additives, removes rice bran powder and improves the quality grade of rice. At present, the Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) machine equipment used in China mostly adopts horizontal or double-roll vertical structur...

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        • lianggong

          The Rice Polisher Is Sold All Over The Country

          The Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) is relatively popular all over the country. It is a very popular agricultural machine. So, as an agricultural machine, why is the rice polisher more popular than other ones? 1. It has a great effect. As an agricultural machinery, the most basic requirement that is we...

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