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ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt [En]




    First BigCrazy Free ICO
    Free distribution of tokens ZerroXBToken
     Project 0xbt
    Motto: "to make money myself"

    What is it? Useful functions of the ZXBT token.
    ZXBT standard marker ERC20, so that you can keep it and pass it on.
    Most smart - contract code copied from GitHub.
    Besides ... 
    You can send messages, news and your advertisement to a smart contract.
    When sending tokens to another address, you can add your signature or
    message to the transfer (optional).

    And it's all ....


    Is free?
    A total of 210,000,000.000 - ZXBT tokens.
    1. 20% of tokens will be distributed free of charge.
    2. Next 20% of tokens will be on sale at the various decentralized
    crypto exchanges.
    Token sales will begin at 1 month after the start of the project.

    All profits from the sale will be credited to the first owners of
    40% of the tokens.

    3. The next 30% of the tokens will be put up for sale 4 months after
    the start of the project. 

    All profits from the sale will be credited to the first owners of
    70% of tokens.

    4. And last 30% of the tokens will be put up for sale 7-8 months
    after the start of the project.
    5. Contingency fund: 6,000,000.000 tokens ZXBT.
    6. Team ZerroXBToken Project: 4,000,000.000
    tokens ZXBT.

    Do I need to write posts on social networks to
    get ZXBT tokens?


    Will ZXBT be traded on any exchanges?
    I hope so. 

    How much will it cost a token "ZXBT"?
    I dont know.
    Everything will depend on you.

    When the free distribution of tokens will end?
    Six weeks after the start of the project.

    What do we lose?
    All are tired of cryptocurrency falling in recent weeks.
    But we can and make some money.
    Oh, I almost forgot .... 10% of sales, for me and my cat.
    Motto: "to make money myself"
    Government will not help ...



        Contract Adress:  

        Name: ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt 
        totalSupply: 210000000000 
        Decimals: 3 
        Symbol: ZXBT 
        ERC20-TOKEN ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt Adress 
        Read Smart Contract
         Address distribution of tokens ZXBT:

        The address of the ZXBT token for future sale:
        Adress team ZerroXBToken Project:


         ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt [En]
         ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt [Ru]

         Terms of distribution of ZXBT tokens [En]
         Terms of distribution of ZXBT tokens [Ru]
         Distribution of ZXBT tokens.
         Group ZXBT
         Poll of the ZXBT Group


    ZXBT - Multi-Functional token

    1.Signature of the token transaction.
    2. Sending messages (texts, small images, files) to any Ethereum address.
    3. Publication of small images in the blockchain of the Ethereum.
    4. Sending to any Ethereum address of hashes of documents and contracts,  their publication for signing or confirmation of authorship, with confirmation
    of evidence in the blockchain of the Ethereum.
    5. The ability to store encrypted information in the blockchain of the network Ethereum.

    Example of using ZXBT token functions:
    ✔ Messages:1.YouTube
    ✔ Picture of Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa" in Smart Contract: 2.YouTube

      ZXBT tokens use the signature function in the transmission.
      To transfer ZXBT tokens, use the Ethereum purse with Smart Contract support: 
      MIST, MyEtherWallet, Parity, MetaMask + Remix Solidity .....

    ForkDelta | Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange | ZXBT-ETH


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        • ZXBT

          The ZXBT token has an original function.
          Sending tokens can be accompanied with the message or signature for identification. 
          If desired, the sending of tokens can be used as a messenger.
          Yes, your message can be read by other people.
          But here the sender and the recipient of the tokens will be anonymous.
          And our letters are already reading.
          Example TxHash:
          View transaction TxHash: clicking Convert To Ascii.
          Example - our distribution address in the section:
          Distribution of ZXBT tokens

          • airdrophannes

            really nice idea! No one ever thought about this. I'm really excited how it will work out. So you guys are from Russia? Hope there are some news, written in english in the future. That would help to expand the community. But as I said above, really nice idea. I'm from europe, will tell my friends about your project. Is there already a Telegram channel?

            • mahakamrafi

              how to get it 

              my mew 0x0e1B00aBB615507b8063310Caa264C2f75e47002

              • essadys



                My MEW : 0x879AfF11C58aeEeec32e4799CbCD66cc3A74FA36


                • ZXBT



                  24.03.2018 - 30.03.2018 
                  1. Distribution of unallocated ZXBT tokens to project participants.
                  2. Return of unused Eth to the addresses of participants.

                  ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt


                  • ZXBT


                    We completed the first stage: Distribution of ZXBT tokens.
                    The project participants distributed 40,000,000.000 ZXBT tokens.
                    From the insurance fee, 0.0045 Eth was returned to each participant.
                    We thank the project participants for their trust.


                    We decided to additionally distribute from the reserve bonus fund
                    2,000,000.000 ZXBT tokens.
                    Each participant of the additional allocation will be free credited withs 20,000.000 ZXBT tokens.
                    1. Register on the site 0xbt.net
                    2. Publish Ethereum adress in your account and in the section "distribution of tokens ZXBT"
                    3. There is no insurance fee.
                    4. The maximum number of participants is 100.

                    26.03.2018 - 05.04.2018

                    ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt


                    • phamvu


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                        ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt $ZXBT by https://t.co/mfSR943hzW is now available on @ForkDeltahttps://t.co/CdJi87ykdU#ZXBT #ERC20 #gems #Ethereum #ICO #Crypto #cryptotrading

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